Solé Waddell

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nylon magazine cover-sole alberti
nylon magazine-sole alberti

Sole Alberti, the new eyebrow master at New York’s Tenoverten salons, specializes in the art of arch shaping. “The head, the tail, the distance, the length between the eyes–I consider them all,” she explains. Growing up in L.A., her artist parents “handed [me] a paint brush when I was, like, three,” she says with a laugh. But it was during a year abroad in Verona, Italy, when she stumbled upon what she considers her calling. “I was doing all the girls’ makeup to go out, and I thought, ‘This is it,'” she recalls. Now at Tenoverten, Alberti’s reshaping the faces of civilians as well–appointment required, of course.

Nylon Magazine, November 2013 Edition